Rencontres R

Conference in French on the new graphical module of FactoMineR that places the labels in an "optimal" way, that allows to select some elements to draw, etc. (movie in French)

2018 Murcia, Spain

Conference "From the package FactoMineR to a project on exploratory multivariate analysis or how to improve the visibility of its R package"

useR! 2010, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Slides of the tutorials:

Data sets:

R scripts:

useR! 2008, Dortmund

Tutorials proposed at the useR! 2008 conference in Dortmund

Slides of the tutorial Exploratory Data Analysis:

useR! 2007

The slides of the USER! 2007 conference, Multivariate Analysis with the FactoMineR package

The long abstract here


2008: The slides of the SFDS and SSC conference here

2010 (Marseille): Complementarity between factor analysis and clustering (french):