Install FactoMineR

  1. Download the R software at the following address:
  2. Download the FactoMineR:


  3. Load FactoMineR in your R session by writing the following line code:
  4. library(FactoMineR)

Install its companion packages

You can install several companion packages for FactoMineR: Factoshiny to have a graphical interface that draws graph interactively, missMDA to handle missing values, and FactoInvestigate to obtain automatic description of your analyses.

  1. Download the packages you want:


  2. Load the packages in your R session when you want to use them by writing the following lines of code:
  3. library(Factoshiny)

  4. You can also use the RcmdrPlugin.FactoMineR: see how to install it.