History of FactoMineR

2003Some programs written in S (Splus) : ACP, AFM
April 2006Package FactoMineR (PCA, CA, MCA, MFA, etc.)
April 2007Article on FactoMineR (Journal of Statistical Software)
April 2007 FactoMineR's Website
November 2007 Package RcmdrPlugin.FactoMineR (Graphical User Interface)
June 2009Analyse de données avec R
May 2010 Package missMDA (handling missing values)
January 2011 Exploratory Multivariate Analysis by Example Using R
April 2011 Tutorial videos
September 2011 Google group
November 2012 Analisis de datos con R
March 2013 Youtube chanel (course videos and tutorials)
June 2013 Article on MFACT (R Journal)
February 2015Package Factoshiny (GUI with interactive graphs)
March 2015 MOOC d'analyse de données (FUN, in French)
June 2015Article on CA-Galt (R Journal)
March 2016 MOOC d'analyse de données (FUN, in French)
April 2016Article on missMDA (Journal of Statistical Software)
February 2017Exploratory Multivariate Data Analysis Using R (2nd edition)
March 2017MOOC d'analyse de données (FUN, in French)
March 2017MOOC Exploratory MLultivariate Data Analysis (FUN, in English)
2016Packages factoextra et explor
April 2017Package FactoInvestigate (automatic reporting)