About FactoMineR

FactoMineR is an R package dedicated to multivariate Exploratory Data Analysis. It is developed and maintained by François Husson, Julie Josse, Sébastien Lê, d'Agrocampus Rennes, and J. Mazet.

Why Use FactoMineR?

  1. It performs classical principal component methods: Principal Components Analysis (PCA), Correspondence analysis (CA), Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA), clustering
  2. as well as advanced methods that take into account a structure on the data (groups of variables, hierarchy on the variables, groups of individuals).
  3. It allows to add supplementary informations such as supplementary individuals and/or variables.
  4. It provides a geometrical point of view, a lot of graphical outputs, helps to interpret (automatic description of the dimensions, various indicators, ...).
  5. Lot of materials (MOOC, books, etc.) is available to explain the methods and the way to implement them in FactoMineR.
  6. It handles missing values with missMDA (see here).
  7. It has a a GUI with a Shiny interface that draws interactive graphs with Factoshiny (see here)
  8. It gives automatic interpretation of the results with FactoInvestigate (see here).