Description of the Graphical User Interface

FactoMineR is included in the Rcmdr environment and therefore beneficiates from all the Rcmdr features.

The interface proposed is very user-friendly and allows to make graphs and to save results in a file very easily as explained below.

To install the interface, Download the RcmdrPlugin.FactoMineR package from the CRAN

The FactoMineR menu is organized according to the different methods implemented.


FactoMineR is then included in the R commander environment. You now beneficiate from all the functionality proposed in the Rcmdr package and consequently have now a very pleasant working environment.
Every time you want to realize multivariate analysis with FactoMineR and its GUI:

Load Rcmdr and load the FactoMineR plug-in


In the menu of Rcmdr, Tools ==> Load the Rcmdr plug-in(s) ... and choose the plug-in RcmdrPlugin.FactoMineR. You then have to restart Rcmdr.

If you want to have the Plug-in of FactoMineR available in Rcmdr all the time, you can do: Tools ==> Save Rcmdr options